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Baby's Delivery Kit: Providing simple lifesaving solutions for maternal and child health

Based in Siavonga, Zambia Safe Motherhood Alliance is a social enterprise, established to promote and enhance safe birth by developing a simple, low-cost, disposable delivery kit for pregnant women in Zambia that will be used during childbirth. We also have training sessions for first time mothers on how to breastfeed. We supply the delivery kits to health clinics, university teaching hospitals, maternal and child health organizations, traditional Birth Attendants.
Whenever applicable, we will provide relevant training for accreditation to use the kits. This is to ensure safe use of the kits. 
We are currently scaling up our business to other parts of Zambia. The Safety of mother and baby is our priority.

Problem Safe Motherhood trying to address:

Everyday in Zambia, hundreds of mothers and babies die at childbirth. A big part of the problem is the lack of access to sterile supplies in rural communities where women live and work as well as the broken healthcare chain affecting those areas. You find traditional birth attendants severing umbilical cords with rusty blades infecting babies with tetnus, midwives using their mouth to suck out mucus from the nostrils a baby etc.

Our Proposed Solution

Our solution to this is to provide a sterilized ultra affordable delivery kit containing essential supplies a woman requires at childbirth to ensure she has a clean, safe and hygenic delivery. We work to ensure every baby gets an opportunity to live his or her potential and every other gets the opportunity to watch her baby grow.

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Meet Our Team

Author 1

Mabel Majula is the on-site HIV/AIDS peer educator, counselor and head trainer for the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) focusing on behavioral change in people and transforming communities. She is a trained HIV/AIDS counselor and has years of experience working within communities to alleviate poverty and transform lives of individuals.

Author 1

Muzalema is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2017 and has over five years experience working directly with rural communities focusing on education and gender empowerment, she is a professional civil engineer who is using her background to create sustainable communities in health and sanitation through the Safe Motherhood Alliance.

Author 1

Fatima Khan is the Marketing and sales manager she works with the women empowerment groups in the area to promote safe deliveries. She is a professional event planner good at logistics when it comes to planning events she is using her background to create sustainable communities in health and sanitation through the Safe Motherhood Alliance.